Miniature Via Crucis Black Glazed Clay Award Winning!

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Discover the extraordinary beauty and cultural significance of this Ensemble of Miniature Black Glazed Clay Via Crucis, meticulously crafted in Michoacan, Mexico. This remarkable piece, awarded first prize in Michoacan's State Folk Art Contest in 2023, showcases the exceptional talent and artistic vision of the region.

At the heart of this ensemble, four women carry the weight of Christ on a cross, their devotion and strength captured in intricate detail. Surrounding them, a symphony of candlesticks and pots adorned with exquisite pastillage flowers create a mesmerizing display, evoking a sense of reverence and spiritual connection.

Selected through Carapan's careful curation, this ensemble embodies the gallery's commitment to showcasing the finest examples of Mexican folk art. Each element of this masterpiece reflects the dedication and skill of the artisans, preserving the rich traditions and cultural heritage of Michoacan.

Bringing this award-winning ensemble into your home is not only an opportunity to own a work of art but also to become a custodian of Mexico's vibrant artistic legacy. With its striking design, profound symbolism, and the esteemed recognition it has received, this ensemble is an exceptional addition to any collection or a cherished centerpiece in your space.

Experience the profound beauty and cultural significance of this Ensemble of Miniature Black Glazed Clay, a testament to the talent and passion of Michoacan's artisans. Embrace the artistry and storytelling that this piece embodies, allowing it to become a cherished symbol of Mexican folk art in your home.


  In / cm.
LENGTH    In / 14 cm
WIDTH  25.19 In / 64 cm
REGION Michoacán, Méxco. 
TECHNIQUE Hand Crafted.
CARE Clean with a soft dry cloth. Lighting candles on it is not advised, since dripping may damage the piece. 

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