Huichol Beaded Skull Decorated with Sacred Symbols

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Step into the vibrant world of ancestral tradition and spiritual reverence with our mesmerizing Multi-Color Huichol Art Beaded Skull. Crafted with meticulous care by Huichol artisans, each bead meticulously placed to create an awe-inspiring display of color and symbolism.

Embrace the ancient wisdom as you explore the intricate patterns adorning this sacred piece. The sacred peyote symbol, revered for its spiritual significance in indigenous cultures, dances across the surface, inviting you into a journey of introspection and enlightenment. Accompanying it, the majestic scorpion symbol, a testament to resilience and protection, adds a potent energy to the piece.

This Huichol masterpiece transcends mere decoration, serving as a conduit for cultural heritage and spiritual connection. 

Bring a piece of ancient wisdom and vibrant tradition into your life with our Multi-Color Huichol Art Beaded Skull, where each bead tells a story and every symbol whispers ancient secrets.


HEIGHT  7.08 In. /  18 Cm. 
LENGHT   8.66 In. /  22Cm. 
WIDTH  9.44 In. /  24 Cm. 
MADE OF Chipboard wood (structure), bees wax & beads
REGION Jalisco & Nayarit, Mexico
ETHNIC GROUP Huichol / Wirrarika
CARE Avoid contact with heat, Clean with a soft dry cloth



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