Huichol Art Vintage Beaded Gourd with Sacred Animals

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Discover the allure of Huichol art with our Vintage Huichol Gourd Covered with Beads, a captivating piece that transports you to the rich cultural traditions of the Huichol people. Crafted in the late 80's, this gourd showcases the intricate beadwork and symbolic storytelling that is the hallmark of Huichol craftsmanship.

At the center of this remarkable gourd, you will find the sacred peyote symbol, a plant of deep spiritual significance to the Huichol community. It represents a connection to the divine and serves as a gateway to higher realms of consciousness.

Surrounding the peyote symbol, four sacred animals come to life through the vibrant beadwork. Majestic eagles, symbolizing strength and spirituality, soar alongside a powerful bull, representing fertility and abundance. Each animal holds its own symbolism within Huichol culture, embodying the deep connection between nature and spirituality.

While this vintage gourd may show signs of age with some missing beads, it serves as a testament to its authenticity and history. It carries the stories and memories of generations past, preserving the spirit of the late 80's and the artistic traditions of the Huichol people.

Carapan Gallery takes pride in curating exceptional pieces like this Vintage Huichol Gourd Covered with Beads. We showcase the beauty and cultural significance of Huichol art, ensuring that each artwork represents the highest standards of craftsmanship and authenticity.

Embrace the magic of Huichol art and own a piece of history with this Vintage Huichol Gourd Covered with Beads. Let the intricate beadwork, the peyote symbol, and the presence of sacred animals transport you to a world of profound symbolism and spiritual connection. Celebrate the enduring legacy of the Huichol people and their remarkable artistic traditions with this remarkable piece from Carapan Gallery.


DIAMETER   5.11 In / 13 cm
HEIGHT  1.37 In / 3.5 cm

Ca 1980's symbol drawn at the back, maybe as signature. 
MADE OF  Beads, Bees Wax & Gourd. 
REGION Jalisco.
TECHNIQUE Beads are applied by hand with no previous design. 
CARE Avoid contact with water & Heat. 


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