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Carapan, Mexican Folk Art Gallery.

Green Mexican Shawl Rebozo backstrap loomed in Santa Maria

$160.00 USD

This green rebozo was woven with the backstrap loom technique and the fringe hand knotted by the talented mexican textile artists of Santa Maria del Rebozo, a Mexican town renowned for the high quality of its shawls. This rebozo can be used also as a table runner or bedspread but mostly as a fine fashion accessory, ideal for a wedding or special occasion.  It is made of synthetic silk and very soft to the touch. Its green tone is elegant and beautiful.


SIZE 7.87 x 2.27 ft  / 270 x 240cm
APROX. WEIGHT 12.3 Oz. / 350 gr.
MADE OF 100% Rayon (Artisela)
REGION Santa María del Río, San Luis Potosí.
TECHNIQUE Waist loomed, Hand finished.
CARE Dry Clean