Gecko Lizard Alebrije Wood Carving from Arrazola Oaxaca

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This Mexican folk art piece is a must for collectors and enthusiasts. It is a gecko alebrije hand crafted in Arrazola, Oaxaca a town renowned for the skill of its wood artistans. The piece is one of the most original Oaxacan wood carvings of our collection.

It was carved from a single block of Copal Wood and the movement and proportion are  so well achieved that the alebrije looks as if it was a live lizard-gecko. Another factor that makes this gecko alebrije amazing is the decoration.There is so much care to detail that even the non visible parts at the bottom are painted with a very unique textured dots pattern that stand out from the more traditional Zapotec patterns of most alebrijes for sale.

As shown in Coco, the movie; Zapotec indigenous people believe that every person has a guardian or spiritual guide. Such protectors are called Tonas and are linked to the qualities of a particular animal. This  gecko alebrije as a modern Tona can be considered as a symbol of agility, sagacity and adaptability. 


    HEIGHT 5.8cm / 2.28 In
    LENGHT 25cm / 9.84 In
    WIDTH 18cm / 7.08 In
    APROX. WEIGHT 100gr / 3.52 oz
    MADE OF Copal Wood
    REGION Arrazola, Oaxaca
    Hand Carved & hand painted with ancient  Zapotec symbols and patterns. 
    SPECIFICS Carved from a single block of Wood. Signed at bottom by the artist. 
    SKU MT1924


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