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Carapan, Mexican Folk Art Gallery.

Fantastic Alebrije Wood Carving with Oaxacan Patterns Mexican Folk Art

$400.00 USD



This fantastic Alebrije is an authentic Oaxacan Alebrije wood carving. It was hand crafted in San Martin Tilcajete, Oaxaca at the Hernandez family workshop. It has a beautiful shape with a calm and attentive expression. 
It was all carved from a single block of copal wood, which is a factor that is valued amongst collectors of Mexican folk art and will make your investment grow in time. Another factor that makes this  Alebrije unique and valuable is the detailed painting work with a predominant warm tone palette with accents of turquoise, and purple. The patterns that decorate the piece represent ancient indigenous symbols of the Oaxacan Zapotec culture. Such patterns, commonly known as "grecas"  can be found at the decoration of the pyramids of Mitla and Monte Albán. The grecas are so meticulously painted that an agave thorn was used is used instead of a brush for the thiner strokes.
Coco, the movie did a thorough research and displays this Mexican tradition in a beautiful way. 


HEIGHT 7.08In / 18cm
LENGHT 5.51In / 14cm
WIDTH 3.93In / 10cm
APROX. WEIGHT 7.37 Oz / 209gr
MADE OF  Copal Wood
REGION San Martin Tilcajete, Oaxaca
TECHNIQUE Carved from a single block of Copal Wood, hand painted.
SKU WA2016
COMMENTS Signed at bottom by the artist: Esteban Hernandez