Mexican Sacred Dances Tree of Life

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The Mexican dances tree of life is a mesmerizing clay sculpture that celebrates the essence of traditional dances, prominently featuring the Papantla Voladores, Deer Dance, and Jaguar Dance. This sculpture captures the spirit of these iconic dances, depicting the grace, symbolism, and cultural significance they hold.

At the core of the sculpture, the Papantla Voladores take center stage, their figures frozen in mid-air as they descend gracefully from ropes tied to the apex of the tree. The dancers, dressed in vibrant traditional attire, symbolize the ancient Mesoamerican ritual where participants mimic the flight of birds.

At the right side, a clay figure adorned in deer costume showcases the elegance and agility of this ceremonial dance, performed to honor the sacredness of nature and the deer as a symbol of fertility and abundance.

On the right,  the Jaguar Dance comes figure is depicted with its fierce and powerful energy. Representing the connection between humans and the divine, the Jaguar Dance embodies primal forces and spiritual reverence.

The Mexican dances tree of life, with its exquisite portrayal of the Papantla Voladores, Deer Dance, and Jaguar Dance, is a testament to the artistic mastery and cultural richness of Mexican traditions. It stands as a vibrant symbol of the enduring legacy of these dances, celebrating their significance in Mexican culture and their ability to inspire awe, connect with the spiritual realm, and bring communities together in joyful celebration.


HEIGHT  7.87 In / 20 cm.
LENGHT  4.72 In / 12 cm.
WIDTH  7.48 In / 19 cm.
APROX. WEIGHT  lbs/  gr.
REGION Metepec, Mexico.
TECHNIQUE Hand Crafted.
CARE Clean with an air duster. 

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