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Carapan, Mexican Folk Art Gallery.

Catrina Day of the Dead Paper Mache Skeleton w Teenek Costume

$500.00 USD


This day of the dead skeleton is so well achieved that it seems to be made of clay or ceramic but believe it or not, it is made of paper maché.

Its creation is the merge of tree important cultural elements in Mexican tradition: The Catrina, the tradition of star shaped embroideries and the Teenek indigenous culture that creates them in the Huasteca region of San Luis

Catrinas were created by hte cartoonist José Guadalupe Posadas to symbolize the futility of social differences by depicting a skeleton dressed as a rich lady.  Posada´s work was inspired in Mexican celebration of the day of the dead.

The piece is mounted on a 4x4" wood base.To protect your investment, this piece will be very carefully packed, insured and shipped trough UPS expedited shipping from Mexico.


BASE 3.14 x 3.14 In.  / 8x8  Cm.
HEIGHT 1 ft.  / 30.5 Cm.
WEIGHT 8.55 Oz / 242gr
MADE OF: Paper Maché
TECHNIQUE Hand crafted & hand painted
REGION Guanajuato, Mexico
CARE Clean with a soft dry cloth, avoid contact with water
SKU PM0822-05b