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Carapan, Mexican Folk Art Gallery.

Award Winning Mata Ortiz Ceramic Pot by Eleno Ortiz Mexican Fine Art

$3,800.00 USD

About this Mata Ortiz ceramic pot

This Mata Ortiz Pot is one of the most beautiful pieces we've had in Carapan. It is a big pot with lid crafted by the talented Eleno Ortiz. It was meticulously painted with geometric patterns with a beautiful orange, beige, grey & turquoise palette. The pot includes a ring base.

This piece won the second prize of the ceramic contest of Mata Ortiz in 2019. 



HEIGHT  In  /   Cm.
LENGHT  In  / cm
APROX. WEIGHT  lb  /  gr.
AUTHOR Eleno Ortiz.
MADE OF Ceramic
REGION Mata Ortiz, Chihuahua, Mexico
TECHNIQUE Hand crafted & Hand Painted
COMMENTS You may also check picture with rulers for size