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Carapan, Mexican Folk Art Gallery.

Fine Paper Mache Alebrije Mexican Dragon Purple Legs

$125.00 USD


This alebrije was crafted with the original paper mache technique. Is face has a playful and funny expresion with a fierce smile that shows sharp tooth, the wings are beautifully painted in pink with orange & turquoise strokes. The alebrije is signed at the bottom by los Negrete Workshop.

Coco, the movie made has recently put alebrijes on the hotspot, but Alebrijes are one of the most important Mexican traditions since the first third of the XXth century, when Mr. Pedro Linares invented or created them using the paper mache technique, which is the very same used to make this outstanding museum quality collectors item. 

Alebrijes meaning has an oneiric and surreal origin, since the word is not in the dictionary but was heard by Pedro Linares during an illness in which he saw these fantastic figures called Alebrijes by the first time. 


HEIGHT 4.5 In / 11.5 cm
LENGTH 8 In / 20 cm
4  In / 10 cm
MADE OF Paper Mache
REGION Mexico City.
TECHNIQUE Hand Crafted.
COMMENTS Signed at bottom by the artist, Negrete.


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